The Power of Resulticks with the Universe of Google

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Welcome to GRAPE, the groundbreaking fusion of Resulticks’ robust customer engagement solution and the expansive reach of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Ads Data Hub (ADH). GRAPE seamlessly combines the realms of first-party and third-party data, creating a formidable audience data platform that revolutionizes customer experiences.

How the RESUL CDP Transforms Your Data

Explore the core features and capabilities of the RESUL CDP, laying the foundation for the innovation that GRAPE brings.


Connect to relevant data sources and map your audience attributes


Acquire deduplicated, cleansed data after RESUL’s data transformation process


Create sophisticated segments and dynamic audiences in under 5 minutes


Activate data for engagement and analytics across integrated systems and other RESUL modules for communication orchestration and analytics


Unlock 360° customer views and detailed ROI attribution via omnichannel data consolidation


Built on the foundation of the RESUL CDP, GRAPE leverages insights from Google Marketing Platform and Ads Data Hub. Our proprietary technology enablers drive optimised spends with intelligent negative targeting, help gain deeper insights through segment-of-one attribution, and enhance retargeting at scale across multiple channels.


Leverage GRAPE's Identity Resolution capability for precise audience categorization. Recognize individuals universally across devices with a unified identifier, integrating scattered customer data for comprehensive profiles.

Segmentation & Precise Targeting

Optimize ad campaign spends effectively by excluding undesired first-party data. GRAPE enables precise segmentation, targeting and intelligent exclusions, ensuring your campaigns hit the bullseye.


Unlock Google Ads insights beyond impressions and clicks with Resulticks' Smart Duo and GRAPE architecture. Leverage real-time augmentation for detailed customer profiles, including demographics, intent, and interests.


Enhance attribution insights using GMP and ADH. GRAPE surpasses multi-touch attribution, tracking each customer's journey across devices and channels, offering detailed insights into every touchpoint.

at Scale

Elevate retargeting strategies across multiple channels beyond the Google network. GRAPE's integration with GMP and ADH ensures retargeting across various channels for better brand outcomes.

How does GRAPE work?
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Collect & Transform

GRAPE seamlessly ingests data from various brand sources, internal & external platforms, and IoT touchpoints. Third-party data from GMP and ADH is combined with individual-level brand data for a comprehensive view.


Analyze & Prepare

Utilizing Google’s BigQuery Compute capabilities, GRAPE combines attributes from brand data and ADH to create micro-target segments, optimizing outcomes for brands and their audiences.



GRAPE enables hyper-personalized communications by leveraging Resulticks' micro-targeting capabilities across the omnichannel spectrum. Real-time responses at the individual level enhance customer intelligence for optimizing next-best experiences.

How Google enhances GRAPE

Ads Data Hub

Resulticks' CDP enhances information from ADH, enabling engagement tracking to a segment of one, regardless of the funnel level.



GRAPE leverages BigQuery's serverless, cost-effective data warehouse to filter end audience attributes for hyper-targeting, campaign analytics, and conversion tracking.


GCP Pub Sub

A key element in GRAPE, GCP Pub Sub ingests analytic events and streams them to BigQuery with Dataflow, handling streaming events for various rules configured within the solution.


GCP Cloud Functions

GRAPE utilizes Cloud Functions for pixel tracking, redirection services, DLR responses, and Pub Sub for streaming events, offering a scalable, serverless solution.

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